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How does Shipping work?

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2016 03:05PM PDT

Q: How do I add Shipping to my Item?​​

A: You can choose to add a shipping cost item by item. We figure there is a big difference between sending a gift certificate versus sending a piano! When posting your item, just add an amount in the 'Shipping?' field. The winning bidder will be offered the option of shipping at time of payment (they can opt out of shipping and choose to pick up item). The amount will be added to their purchase and you will receive their shipping details in the email we send confirming payment.




Q: What if I only want to offer 'pick up' on my auction items?


A: Sometimes it's just as easy to have the winning bidders pick up their items at your offices. This also lets you thank them in person. In this case, just leave the 'Shipping?' field blank and indicate in the 'Description' field the special conditions.



Q: How can I offer 'Free Shipping'?

A: If you want to offer Free Shipping, don't enter any amount in the 'Shipping?' field. But make sure you brag about your free shipping in the description of your item!


Q: If I add 'Shipping' to my ad, do I have to ship it? Can the Buyer choose to pick the item up? 

A: Shipping is an option that the Buyer chooses. The cost of Shipping will only be added if the Buyer selects the Shipping option at checkout time.



Q: What happens if someone buys more than one item?

A: When someone wins multiple items from the same auction, they are only charged one of the shipping costs. For example, someone wins 3 items with shipping costs of $5.00 on each item. At checkout they will only be charged $5.00 for all 3 items. If the shipping amounts are different for each item, they will be charged the highest shipping amount. For example, someone wins 3 items with shipping amounts of $5.00, $6.00 and $10.00. At checkout they will only be charged $10.00 for all 3 items.

Q: Do fees apply to the Shipping price?

A: No, we will not take a fee on the cost of Shipping, however Stripe transactional fees will still apply to the transaction.

Q: What should I charge for Shipping?

A: Prices vary depending on which Shipping service you plan to use. To estimate shipping costs (don't forget packaging materials!), some of these resources may be of help:

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